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iCube (Tennesee Technological University)

Tennessee Tech University’s iCube is a place where students and faculty Imagine, Inspire, and Innovate. We are a leader in advancing collaborative solutions for business, community, and economic development. With extensive experience in commercialization of public policy marketing campaigns, our center’s core competencies include developing, marketing, and maintaining projects through leveraging partnerships, building unique relations, and implementing new technologies. We utilize emerging technologies and marketing strategies to advance collaborative solutions for education, training, public policy campaigns, and statewide initiatives. Our virtual reality center comprises of head mounted display systems including the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear, giving users the sensation of presence as they are fully immersed in a simulation developed entirely in our office. Another technology we use is the VisCube, a space that uses motion-tracking technology and projectors to display rendered, 3D environments on three walls and a floor to create a “cave-like” virtual reality experience you can literally step into. Students work alongside iCube mentors to learn the 3D modeling software and game engines required to create content for both virtual environments, and complete interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with other students and faculty throughout campus. iCube is a place for all students and every member of faculty to Imagine, Inspire, and Innovate. We are an interdisciplinary team that grows with each project we undertake, whether it stems from imaginative educators on campus, inspired students willing to contribute, or innovative leaders in the community and beyond.