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Research! Reflect! Retell!; An Advanced Manufacturing Company Report

Earn Points:
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Describe the Activity: 

In this activity, students will gain knowledge on modern day advanced manufacturing by researching an advanced manufacturing company. Students will answer the following questions provided below in essay form.

How to Participate:

  • Research an advanced manufacturing company that interests you.
  • Tell about the company as if you are presenting the company to people who have never heard of it before.
  • Things to mention in company report:
  • Details about what the company does and how it correlates with advanced manufacturing
  • Why does this particular advanced manufacturing company interest you?
  • How does the company impact our world from your perspective?
  • How has this company opened your eyes to advanced manufacturing?
  • If you worked for this company, how would you want to contribute?
  • What department would you want to be apart of at this company and why?

****Make sure you reference all sources you used at the end of your essay.**** Remember, No plagiarism!

Time Details: 

1-2 classroom periods, 1-2 days

People Details: 

5-12 grade students should work individually.

Submission Details: 

How to Get Points:

  • Submit picture of YOU writing/typing your essay or researching your company. 
  • Upload document containing essay in the additional attachments section while submitting activity.
  • Copy and paste essay into the “Tell us about your experience” section on the submission’s page.
Outcome of the Activity: 
This individual activity allows the student to take ownership of the specific company of his or her choice and see advanced manufacturing in a new way. Through researching a company, students gain more knowledge on different careers in advanced manufacturing.
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