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Direct Digital Manufacturing Design Competition

Direct Digital Manufacturing Tech Group

2016 Design for DDM Competition Challenge, Overview and Judging Criteria
Sponsored by the Direct Digital Manufacturing Tech Group, which is part of SME's Additive Manufacturing Community

Welcome to the 2016 Direct Digital Manufacturing Design Competition! This Year’s Theme: Not your average drone!

Design Challenge
This year, designers and engineers are challenged to take a base unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) design, and by applying additive manufacturing, improve on it. Contestants may choose from two different “stock” designs available in the public domain.

Recommended for high school contestants: Drone Quadcopter Stabilized for FPV
Recommended for college/university contestants: DJI FlameWheel Hexacopter
Improvements in performance are to be quantified at both the part and system levels. Performance enhancements may include, but are not limited to, aerodynamic and aesthetic characteristics; capability (integrated/adaptive feature/function flexibility such as payload type, size and weight); durability or repairability; safety; fly time, etc.

Contestants are encouraged to employ more than one additive process and material.
Contestants need not build the item(s), but must analyze and justify the processes and materials selected by providing supporting data and/or evidence.
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